April 17, 2024 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

When we are no longer able to manage everything for our sons and daughters, what are our options? This is another program that may be of value. Come and learn what they can do.

We empower adults with disabilities and their loved ones to achieve their goals through personalized case management. We begin with a comprehensive assessment of needs followed by an individualized care plan uniquely designed for each person. Our LTC team provides ongoing support, for each client’s unique needs, increases stability, and improves their quality of life. We address both social and healthcare needs, coordinating services that promote well-being and self-sufficiency. Our services enable individuals to thrive in their own homes and communities, fostering independence and dignity. We work in partnership with family members and fiduciaries.
Services can include coordination of the following, these supports can be provided in-person, virtual and telephonic:

Navigating Public Benefits (applying and recertification of benefits) – Gather all required documents, apply for, and advocate for, IHSS, SSI, SSDI, MediCal, MediCare, CalFresh, General Asst and more. We frequently revisit eligibility for additional benefits as your family member’s life circumstances change.

Finding, Securing, and Retaining Affordable Housing – The LTC team is knowledgeable about local housing resources as well as current and upcoming opportunities. We routinely help people apply for and secure housing, including leveraging our knowledge of local housing resources and tracking current and upcoming opportunities for vouchers, subsidies and below-market-rate units. We stay up to date on the waitlists for Section 8 Housing vouchers and other affordable units and complete timely applications for housing appropriate to your family member’s needs.

Coordinating Medical Appointments – Assist with making appointments and can accompany individuals to appointments, if desired. We can document what takes place at each appointment with signed releases of information if ROI is signed share their case notes with the designated support team.

Medication Management – Educating patients/clients about their medications, and maintaining accurate records.

Coordinating Care – Support individuals to arrange and access medical, behavioral, and in-home care. We make appointments and accompany clients if desired. We also help recruit and train in-home care providers, when needed.

IHSS – Interviewing IHSS providers

Transportation – Receive travel training on local transportation. If applicable apply for transportation discount cards and placards.

Budgeting and Money Management – We help people learn to budget and manage their resources using methods adapted to their unique needs and skills.

Life Skills – We help people learn to grocery shop on a budget, plan and prepare meals, and schedule regular household tasks and cleaning. We support individuals to maintain their homes as independently as possible.

Social – Improving the quality of life by introducing/coordinating recreational and social activities.


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