July 18, 2024 4:00PM to 5:00PM

When: 1st and 3rd Thursday of Each Month 4 – 5:00 pm (Pacific Time) via Zoom

Are you searching for some guidance, answers, and support?

Let’s face it… as a parent of a child with special needs, life can be EXTRA hard. I get it! You are looking for a little more certainty and wanting to know that you’re doing all the right things so your child will make progress, and grow up to live a happy, independent life. You’re not alone!

Many parents are frustrated navigating the systems and lack of services, are unsure how to balance their time – especially when stressed out – and wonder if they’re doing all the right things to help their child make progress. If this is you… you’re not alone!

Join our complimentary LIVE & INTERACTIVE parent support and discussion group (on Zoom) twice a month and meet other parents and family members who understand the journey you’re on with your child with special needs (of any age). This group is for parents and family members only – so you can speak freely and get the resources and support you need.

Join the discussion to help face your fears, frustrations and the uncertainty you feel as a parent dealing with the stress, overwhelm and day to day challenges that are unique to families dealing with special needs. Now is the time to arm yourself with new resources and tools to get you back into a state of peace, joy, love and connection. You owe that to your family and to yourself!

Benefits: Gain new perspectives and advice from other parents who “get it” and also from an experienced Special Needs Therapist, Life & Parent Coach, International Speaker, and Expert who has been supporting special needs families for over 30 years! New parents join each session. Isn’t it time you find a place you can freely talk about your child, your emotions, and your worries and get the guidance, answers, and support you have been searching for? You’re not alone!

We typically meet the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month from 4-5pm (Pacific Standard Time) unless it’s a holiday.
Check each box for the Parent Groups you plan to attend – MUST register in advance

STEP 2 – Check your email and SAVE THE LINK in your calendar.

If you know you need more 1:1 individualized help and support, then I recommend you schedule an “Accelerate Your Child’s Progress” Discovery Session today. Learn more by visiting: www.SpecialAdvantage.com .

Now is the best time to reduce your stress and overwhelm, increase your confidence, and relax so you can be happy, free, and more peaceful during the season. There is no need to feel isolated and alone on your special needs journey!

(A Note to Service Providers, Students & Professionals: Due to the sensitive sharing between the participants, this group is not appropriate for observers. If you wish to discuss the possibility of being a pre-approved speaker, sponsor, or observer, then please contact Denise ahead of time. All parents, family members and guardians of children with special needs or some form of delay are welcome to attend! Please do not join with the intention to sell to this community.)

Questions about the group? Don’t hesitate to call, direct message, text, or email. This group is being sponsored and facilitated by Special Needs Expert, Denise Carbon from Special Advantage.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Stay safe, healthy & proactive,
Developmental Specialist, Therapist, Life & Parent Coach & International Speaker
[email protected]

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