February 1, 2024 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

It seems like in most conversations about relationships with one another through transition, we find ourselves talking about “needing space & quiet”. This useful term has many different meanings for different people because we all grew up in different homes in different places with different rules. During this season of change and growth, we need navigational tools to be allies and supporters of our kids as they move into these new roles.

Join us in this webinar with LMFT and PHP Mom Laura Beth DeHority as she provides an overview of the current thought trends in the mental health community about creating healthy and diverse spaces where those we love can transition with the balance of their own autonomy and the support of their allies along with practical tools to guide and support us in our own transition into these new roles.

This is a Connections California event. Connections California, a project of Parents Helping Parents – Silicon Valley. This webinar is made possible by the California Department of Education Family Empowerment Center (FEC) grant.

#CCA #Knowyourrights

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