December 10, 2024 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM

Join this group of parents and caregivers of children with rare diagnoses, of any age, with any diagnosis. Attendees share, listen, and support each other with practical advice based on their experiences in raising a child with a rare disability.

This support group is facilitated by Tina, Victoria, and Joanna, all mothers of children who have rare diseases, syndromes, or conditions. Anyone interested in meeting others who share the journey of parenting a child with a rare diagnosis is encouraged to attend.

Who should attend? Parents and caregivers only, please. Location is not an issue for this group as long as you have access to reliable internet and Zoom. No observers, please.

Most PHP webinars, support groups, and services are FREE! We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality online content to families like yours. Please consider donating to help us continue this important work for families raising children with special needs throughout our community! Thank you!


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