The Anxiety or Mood Disorders support group is here for you. Does your child experience anxiety?  Are you looking for information about your child’s mood or defiance disorder? Is your loved one diagnosed with bipolar, depression, or substance use and/or abuse? Do you need to connect with other parents experiencing similar situations with their children?

We are here for you! Caregivers going through related circumstances share experiences and useful resources at the monthly Anxiety or Mood Disorders support group. Participants learn from other parents whose families have similar struggles.  We meet on Zoom.

Need information or support now?  There are many resources to help you. Click on a link in helpful information to find phone numbers for mental health support organizations, or contact us.

Most PHP webinars, support groups, and services are FREE! We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality online content to families like yours. Please consider making a voluntary donation to help us continue this important work for families throughout our community raising a loved one with a disability! Thank you!