Do you have or know a child who is Twice-Exceptional? Want more information about how to support and advocate for them?

Who should attend this support group?

This 2e support group is ideal for parents of twice-exceptional children. Educators are also welcome!

What are the typical 2e characteristics of a student?
  • Exceptional talents and experience with learning challenges such as ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, etc.
  • Development asynchronous – for example, a 4th grader may: do math at a 7th-grade level, write at a 2nd-grade level, socialize at a 1st-grade level, reason at a 12th-grade level.
  • Deep passions and strengths and shines in those areas, but is sometimes seen as lazy or obstinate outside of their interests.
2e Matters Because:
  • Even if a student performs at grade level, 2e students are overtaxed. They often use their gifts to compensate for their disability or underperform if their disability masks their gifts.
  • Developmental asynchrony often results in anxiety and depression; students may feel deficient despite having incredible intellectual strengths.
  • When combined with sensory overstimulation and impulse control issues, children may experience behavioral challenges in the classroom.
  • With proper support, 2e students can reach their potential, become shining stars in their classrooms, and be amazing future contributors to society.
How does this support group work?
  • Connect with parents of 2e children: Parenting 2e kids can often be a lonely and frustrating endeavor, as strengths and challenges don’t always fit into traditional support structures.
  • Ask a question/Get an answer: Bring your questions and concerns and get answers from parents who have been there. Share your advice with others.
  • Contribute to the creation of 2e resources: Parents of 2e kids have great solutions to share, at times we may capture these to create one-pagers for educators
  • Participate in 2e workshops: Some of our sessions will include a workshop, with topics ranging from Intro to 2e to exploring your child’s strengths.
  • Advocate: Learn to successfully advocate for your child, as well all 2e students, at your school or district.
When are meetings held?
  • We meet quarterly on the 1st Thursday of October, January, April, and July. Click here for info on the next meeting.
  • Meetings are from 7-8:30 PM, Pacific Time Zone.
  • Meetings are held online via Zoom.

The group is led by the team at REEL: Callie Turk, Yael Valek, and Abby Kirigin. REEL is a Bay Area Peninsula organization that strives to ensure that twice-exceptional students thrive in school by raising parent and educator awareness and understanding through resources, tools, events, and services.