Families are at the Heart of all Parents Helping Parents services.

At PHP, we have specialists in the areas of community resources, special education, and assistive technology. Our staff speaks many different languages, including English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

90% of  staff members are also parents of children with disabilities who shifted their career path to help others.

How do I find the right person with whom to speak?

Call our office at 408-727-5775.

We always try to have a “real person” answer our phones. If you call and get our voicemail, please leave a message or try us again at another time.

Parents of children with any developmental, learning, attention, health and other issues of concern will likely find a call to us helpful.

Our skilled staff will find out about your area of concern and connect you with the most qualified person to speak with.

PHP staff will assist you in learning about resources to address the many aspects of raising a child with special needs. From school to health care, we explore the many options available based on your family needs.

We will help you explore the needs of children and families, including support at school, home or the community. When you call us you will find a “soft place to land,” where people understand.

From the resource specialists, you will receive information, guidance, and support that consider your child’s needs. Our aim is to help parents to identify and access the many parallel paths of seeking services that may benefit their child.

We help families restore their confidence and build their competence to ensure that their child’s and their family needs are met. Many of the workshops and training offered by us are held in the evening and weekends for those unable to come to the daytime parent education events.