Parents Helping Parents offers a wide variety of Family Services to support you, your child/teen/adult with special needs, and your entire family.

Our Family Resource Specialists are highly knowledgeable and prepared to help you navigate the many systems of care for you and your loved one, these include:

  • Person-to-person assistance with a specialist (via phone or Zoom)
  • Understanding and accepting your loved one’s diagnosis
  • Support with Mental Health care
  • Services through the Regional Center and the Lanterman Act
  • DDS Self-Determination Program and Regional Center
  • Public benefits (SSI – IHSS – Medi-Cal)
  • Adult Services (Guardianship – Housing – Independent Living – etc)
  • Person-Centered Planning
  • Referrals to professionals and other agencies

Parents Helping Parents has a wide variety of Parenting Workshops, Conferences, Support Groups, all led by our staff, professionals, and parent volunteers who seek to build communities of support and knowledge.

You will find a list of all support groups in the GET SUPPORT menu on our home page.

For more information about our programs the links on our website, for event dates refer to our calendar.

Many Parents Helping Parents programs are offered in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Most PHP webinars, support groups and services are FREE! We are committed to providing innovative, high-quality online content to families like yours. Please consider making a voluntary donation to help us continue this important work for families raising children with special needs throughout our community! Thank you!