or, How to “Model as a Master Pal”

“Model as a MASTER PAL” is a set of strategies, targeted for the communication partners of those who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication tool, or AAC. This framework was created by Tabi Jones-Wohleber for the school environment. They helped teachers and classroom aides to be better communication partners for students who use AAC. We have taken these modules and created parent-friendly videos and resources so parents can learn to speak AAC. These strategies will help parents learn to be better communication partners with their child who uses AAC.

These videos review several strategies that anyone can use with any AAC user to be a better communication partner. These strategies work with any person, regardless of their age or disability. They work regardless of the type of AAC tool they are using. These strategies work for paper-based tools, iPad apps for communication, and dedicated communication devices. These short videos explain the strategies, and the resources included provide more information.

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This first video focuses on Modeling, and Time for Language Development and Growth.

This second video focuses on the importance of Presuming Potential, Motivating the user, Accepting All Forms of Communication, Statements by you More Than Questions, and that a Response is Not Required.

This final video focuses on the strategies of Wait Time, Appropriate Prompting, Letting the Child Lead, and most Engage Naturally.

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