People with disabilities and their families have many things to think about as they build their preferred adult life.

Who doesn’t? Understanding adult systems of care and adult services is often complicated, and learning about them in smaller chunks may help with the potential overwhelm that approaching that 18th birthday could bring.

Adult life for people with disabilities presents many questions to explore as youth age Where to live? Where will the money come from? Who will provide medical care? What agency will provide what service when?

Click a link below to be directed to a page that has topic-specific e-learning videos, resource guides, e-packets, and other resources. Have fun learning about what’s ahead and available to help with achieving those person-centered goals and dreams!

Financial Planning
Health & Wellness
Housing/Living Options
Legal Aspects
Public Benefits
Regional Center Client Services

And some other things to consider by age 18:

Selective Service: If assigned male at birth, a person with a disability must sign up for the Selective Service.

  • This is how the military knows of all males who may be eligible to be drafted if a war occurs
  • A person’s name stays on the list until the age of 26
  • Many federal aid programs require proof of signing up for selective service if eligible to receive their benefits

Register to Vote: Another important thing to do is to register to vote.

  • At 18, your young adult’s voice counts. Let them be heard!
  • In California, pre-register to vote at ages 16-17; at 18, automatically registered to vote

Official government IDs are essential for any adult: