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COVID-19: Additional Resources & Information

We Are Here for You

To All of Our Families:
This is a time of great uncertainty. Each day is changing and bringing us news about the coronavirus that is difficult and confusing. We are unsure how to talk to our children about what is happening, about how our schools and workplaces may continue to operate, and most of all, how to keep our families safe and protected.
At Parents Helping Parents, we understand how difficult it is to know what to do, and when. We understand the challenges of having your children with special needs of any age outside of their trusted and loved routines. We understand the fear that comes when we don’t have answers to our most pressing questions.
We are here for you…today and tomorrow and the day after that.
We are working hard to bring you the resources and information you need now. Our support groups are working on plans to meet remotely. We are scheduling online training and webinars for you. We are updating our E-Learning Library, and we are gathering information and resources for you.
Most of all, you are not alone. While our offices in San Jose and Gilroy are closed to the public, we are still here for you if you need support. Please continue to use our website, send us email, and call us at 408-727-5775.
Every Monday until further notice, we will send you an email with updated information and resources. Every day, we will post important information on all of our social media channels. Join our mailing list and follow us on social media here.
We will continue to work diligently to keep our families, our staff, and our community healthy, safe, and connected. Together, we will get through this very difficult time.